Berthing Approach System

Berthing Approach System

How does the system work? The Berthing Approach System aggregates the vital approach data with traffic lights and LED digits.

With this system the pilots and marine personnel can make the best decisions for a safe berthing process. The Berthing Approach System consists of:

  • Large LED Display
  • Eye safe Lasers
  • Audio alarms and hand-held devices
  • Traffic light display

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Before and after the berthing process, the Large LED Display can be used to display mooring- information (approaching distance, speed and angles). High quality handling data, tuned to achieve the best possible accuracy at the fastest refreshing speed. After the vessel is moored and in contact with the fenders the system monitors the fender deflection & drift-off. When something is wrong the system generates alarms. During the berthing process the jetty and ship are safe. This safety is assured by iMoor’s adjustable alarm settings for the ship’s speed and angle.

Large LED Display

Part of the Berthing Approach System is the LED Display. This large display provides data of interest for berthing services to pilots and ship crew. The LED powered digits are clearly visible beyond 300 meters during all weather conditions, day and night. The viewing angle both horizontal as vertical is 120 degrees.
The LED display displays the following data:

  • Distance
  • Speed of Approach
  • Speed Alarms
  • Berthing Angle

The LED digits are maintenance free and have a very long life time. You can use the Large Led Display for displaying mooring and environmental information. An example is the data from the weather station and wave, tide & current sensor, but also drift off and fender compression during mooring. The traffic lights are integrated in the large LED display and provide warning alarms.

Safe berthing Eye safe Ex lasers

Part of the Berthing Approach System are two high quality and robust eye safe lasers. These lasers are class 1 in an EExd enclosure. The lasers are suitable for hazardous area zone 1.

Audio alarms and hand-held devices

The iMoor application can be executed on PCs in the jetty control room. Portable devices like pagers, tablet PCs and laptops for pilots and marine personnel. Carry on board computers, laptops, PDA’s and pagers can display the information with high quality handling data, tuned to achieve the best possible accuracy at the fastest refreshing speed.

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