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Mampaey Offshore Industries designed and engineered the very first towing hook in 1904.

This towing hook is fully functional and leading product standard in today’s shipping industry.

Shipyard and tugboat crews all over the world appreciate our towing hook as self-evident piece of equipment. Globally a vast majority of renowned tug boat operators utilizes the standard range of towing hooks. This way Mampaey Offshore Industries continuously contributes to safe port and towing operations world-wide. This experience has led to the specialized knowledge that enables us to deliver reliable and quality products for the towing industry.

Product overview

We can custom design all our products to meet varying costumers’ demands like low temperatures and revamping, upgrading and fitting to existing support frames.


‘Most innovative Dutch company in 2007’

Mampaey Offshore Industries received the prestigious award ‘Most innovative Dutch company in 2007’ for our Dynamic Oval Towing (DOT 360) system.



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