Quick Release Offshore Hooks

Quick Release Offshore Hooks

Mampaey Offshore Industries designed Quick Release Offshore Hooks for safe side by side mooring and tandem mooring of shuttle tankers to FSO’s, FPSO’s, FSRU’s, FLNG’s.

We designed our Quick Release Offshore Hooks for CALM/deep water buoys standard with a range from 60 up to 600 tons safe working load. We supply single, double, triple and quadruple quick release hook units for side by side mooring applications.

Safe monitoring with Mooring Load Monitoring System (MLMS)

With the Mooring Load Monitoring System you can keep a close and constant watch on the forces on the mooring lines. You can take immediate action with possible slack or overload situations. Load information is displayed in real time, the alarms can be preset on Safe Working Load requirements. The retrieved data can be used to estimate the number of mooring lines required for safe mooring. You can access this information on different portable devices such as PDA’s and pagers.

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Safe ship with Remote Control System (RCS)

  • In case of an emergency you can release the hooks from a distance by remote control. With the Remote Control System the hooks can be released individually or simultaneously. Open or closed hook indications can be transmitted to the remote control panel or displayed on iMoor application software. We offer two remote control systems:

    • Electric Remote Control System: The release mechanism of the mooring hook will be operated by an electric solenoid mounted on the hook.
    • Hydraulic Remote Control System: The release mechanism of the hook is operated by a hydraulic cylinder mounted on the hook. Hydraulic pressure is provided by a hydraulic power pack fitted on each mooring unit.

    Both systems operate with a Remote Control Panel. There are several in- and outdoor configurations including pushbutton panels, virtual panels on computer screen and ATEX certified panels. These panels are explosionproof.

Fixed Type Hook
Fixed Type Hook
Free Swiveling Hook
Free Swiveling Hook

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