We are able to construct for extremely low-temperature environments

We provide Quick Release Mooring Hooks and Systems for extreme conditions

For instance for temperatures below 0 °C (32 °F) and even down to -50 °C (-58 °F). Materials behave differently at room temperatures (and higher) compared to subzero temperatures. Cold and stressful environments require special adaptation of the design of the Quick Release Hook and the implementation of special materials.

Coal and Iron Ore Applications

The accumulation of dust, coal and iron ore particles at bulk terminals can cause the quick release mechanism to fail. Mampaey Offshore Industries has however designed Quick Release Hooks specifically to be installed and operated in coal and iron ore quays with protection covers for the internal mechanism.

Revamping & Upgrading

Do you want to ensure and increase safety on existing jetties? We provide iMoor integrated mooring systems.

Do you want to reduce downtime and costs for the revamping and upgrading of the existing jetties? Mampaey Offshore Industries can provide:

• Integral capstans suitable for mounting onto existing Quick Release Mooring Hooks

• Freestanding capstans, suitable to be installed onto existing anchor bolt configurations.

• A Mooring Load Monitoring System installation for already installed Quick Release Mooring Hooks.

• Special adapted hooks for installation onto existing assemblies.

• Quick Release Mooring Hook Units specially designed with integral capstans to fit existing anchor bolt configurations.


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