Quick Release Mooring Hooks for offloading LNG in Poland

Present day, many countries are searching for ways to import LNG from various locations in the world. One of the challenges they are facing is having large enough jetties and facilities for offloading LNG carriers. Mampaey assists with safety solutions. For a leading gas company in Poland for instance we delivered 14 sets of Quick Release Mooring Hooks with Integral Capstans.

It is very impressive to experience the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of such an important project when the different parties – manufacturer, contractor and owner – work together. Equipment was supplied in November 2022 and is already installed before the end of the year.

Some additional information on the supplied safety equipment, each individual hook having a Safe Working Load of 100 tons, 6 out of the 14 sets have a swiveling support. The customer made its configuration complete by acquiring various iMoor systems, among those an Electric Remote Control System, a Mooring Load Monitoring System, a Berthing Approach System and an Environmental Monitoring System. All were linked to the Central Monitoring System.

Quick Release Mooring Hook

Custom solutions

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September, 2022