Equipping the Cryogas Vysotsk Terminal

CryoGAS CJSC produces and supplies liquefied natural gas. The company was founded in 1993 and is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. CryoGAS CJSC operates as a subsidiary of Gazprombank. The Cryogas Vysotsk terminal is being constructed in the Leningrad Region in Russia and takes place in different phases.

Construction of the terminal

Phase I of the construction of the Cryogas Vysotsk terminal, with an annual capacity of 330,000 ton, is put in operation March 2019The construction of the terminal for production and transshipment of LNG in the port of Vysotsk of the Leningrad Region is the largest one in the North-Western Region of Russia.

After Phase I and Phase II are finished the facility will be able to produce 660,000 ton of LNG per year; it will be among the three largest plants in Europe. The terminal will let arrange bunkering of LNG-powered vessels, as well as LNG transshipment. The deadline for Phase II has not been determined yet.

-40 degrees Celsius

Mampaey supplied 6 triple Hook Quick Release Mooring Units with a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 100 ton, including our Mooring Load Monitoring System and Electric Remote Control System. Due to the cold weather conditions in the Leningrad area, these units must be resistant to temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius. To withstand such extremely low temperatures, the equipment is made of special certified material and contains additional protection for electrical components.

Berthing Approach System and Environmental Monitoring System

Mampaey Offshore Industries also installed the Berthing Approach System (BAS) on the jetty. The Berthing Approach System consists of one large LED Display and two laser sensors, providing the approaching vessel with real time berthing data. The lasers are used for measuring speed and distance of approach, while the large LED Display shows the data. Data provided by the Berthing Approach System helps the approaching vessel to timely anticipate their approach in the most effective and safe way.

Once moored, the Berthing Approach System can be set to monitor the vessels drift-off and fender deflection. This functionality, in combination with the installed Mooring Load Monitoring and Environmental Monitoring System (EMS), further assists the vessel and terminal operators to monitor the moored vessel and to adjust the mooring plan when needed.

CUTR certification

As per local regulations we make sure our products meet the required certification standards. As this project is covered by Russian legislation, all equipment located in hazardous areas must be certified in accordance with the technical CU TR 012 regulations; as required all applicable equipment for this project is certified in accordance with these requirements.

Only three days after commissioning the Quick Release Mooring Units, the Berthing Approach System and the Environmental Monitoring System, the first LNG carrier arrived at the Vysotsk Terminal for bunkering.

Custom solutionsCUTR certification

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April 15, 2019