Revamping with iMoor

Mampaey is proud to announce that we supplied an upgrade for a complete iMoor system for a major national oil refinery in Izmir (Turkey). Our system will significantly improve the operations of the infrastructure. One of the major benefits is the full control over the safety aspects of a moored vessel.

The iMoor system offers quite some features that will allow the terminal to increase the window of their operations.

Mampaey is specialized in engineering, design, and manufacturing of customer specific applications. This allows us to meet almost every non-standard application and even revamp of third-part equipment. The challenge in this project was to design new Quick Release Mooring Hook Units to meet existing anchor bolts size and pattern and still matching the structural load envelope. This approach of revamp saves the downtime during the turn-around because old Quick Release Hooks only needs to be removed and replaced by the new Mampaey Quick Release Hooks on the existing anchor bolts. No drilling of new holes required to add extra anchor bolts etc. This results in maintaining the integrity of the super structure.

Scope of supply: Each units consists of a Local Control Panel, Capstan for mooring line handling, Mooring Load Monitoring System, this allows you to real-time monitor the load on the mooring lines. This information is visible on the Jetty Control Monitoring Panels and duplicated to the Central Monitoring System located in the DCS control room. All these features are captured in our iMoor Software. Release of the hooks safely and easily be activated locally at the LCP and remotely form the Monitoring Panels.

Quick Release Mooring Hook
Remote control system
Quick Release Mooring Hook

Custom solutions

Mampaey Offshore Industries specializes in custom solutions for your mooring and berthing equipment. Interested what kind of custom solution we can offer you? Contact us.

June, 2022