Successful inspection and calibration

One of our Commissioning Engineers finished  the annual recalibration on the HÖEGH GALLEON in Curacao. This vessel was previously used as a LNG carrier but has been converted into a FSRU. Soon the HÖEGH GALLEON will be in Australia for a while. In order to use the hooks in the best possible way, our customers asked for training.

During this training, our Engineer taught the operations team how to use our calibration device to ensure they can recalibrate the 10 Quick Release Mooring Hooks Units with 150 Tons Safe Working load. Mampaey delivered and commissioned these hooks in 2018.

At the same time, he could do an inspection for these hooks including Capstan, Remote Control Panel and Mooring Load Monitoring System.

Mampaey Offshore Industries projects calibration

Custom solutions

Mampaey Offshore Industries specializes in custom solutions for your mooring and berthing equipment. Interested what kind of custom solution we can offer you? Contact us.

June, 2022